Chamorro Standard Time: Wednesday, July 17, 2024 - 02:16 AM

The Guam Developmental Disabilities Council will be having its Virtual Executive Committee Meeting on Wednesday January 24, 2024 9:00am to 10:30am.  Request(s) for special accommodation must be submitted 72 hours in advance. Funded by Grant #2201GUSCDD, Administration for Community Living. Broadcast Live Stream at 



I.     Introduction / roll Call

II.    Review of Minutes: Wednesday September 20, 2023

III.   Reports

        A.  Executive Director’s Report

        B. Standing Committee Report

        C. Council Membership Status

IV.    Old Business

        A.  2023 Program Performance Report: submitted December 30, 2023

        B.  Federal Financial Report: Due December 30, 2023

        C.  FY-2024 Proposed Budget 2nd Allotment $57,648 / 1st Allotment $35,900

        D.  2024 – 2025 State Plan / Work Plan Implementation

        E.  Return to In-House Meetings (Hotel Venue Working Session)

        F.  Election of Officers: Term 10/01/2023 – 09/30/2025

             1. Robert O’Mallan Council Chairperson (elected in GMM 09/27/2023)

             2. Jonathan Pangelinan 1st Vice Chairperson (pending confirmation by committee)

             3. Vacant: 2nd Vice Chairperson

             4. Augusta Francis, Council Secretary (elected in GMM 09/27/2023)

V.  New Business

     A.  Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month March 2024

     B. NACDD / ITACC Conference, Washington DC, July 2024

     C. Executive Director Leadership Summit, September 2024

     D. 2024 – 2025 Work Plan

     E. Ethics Training

     F. Search For New Office Space

VI. Announcements

VII. Adjournment



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