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History: The Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act, P.L. 106-402 was reauthorized and signed into law by President Clinton on October 20, 2000. The original legislation was passed into law on October 4, 1975. P.L. 106-402 continues the establishment of the Developmental Disabilities Planning Councils in each state in the United States and Territories, as well as Protection and Advocacy organizations (P&A’s) and Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service (UCEDS) in each state. Guam’s P&A organization is the Guam Legal Services Corporation, Disability Law Center, and Guam’s UCED is UOG CEDDERS.

 The Guam Developmental Disabilities Council (GDDC) was established as an independent entity by Executive Order 94-09 on August 9, 1994, following the original enactment of P.L. 106-402. It represents a Federal-State partnership in developing futures for and with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.


The Guam DD Council advocates for systems change, public policy, and best practices that promote the full inclusion and integration of people with developmental disabilities. The mission of the Guam Developmental Disabilities Council (the Council) is to advocate for the inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities in all facets of community life. This helps promote self-determination, independence, productivity, and integration in all facets of community life, through culturally competent programs.


The Council believes that all people, regardless of how complex or severe their disability, belong in their communities with the support they need to maximize independence, be productive, and lead the lives they choose. Practices that segregate and isolate people with severe disabilities must end.


The Council is comprised of 28 members; 17 are Governor-appointed consumers or consumer representatives and 11 are state-agency and non-profit representatives (DISID, DMHSA, GPSS, DPHSS, GLSC, UOG/CEDDERS, DOA, GHURA, and NGO/NPO).


The council employs a three-member staff to carry out the goals and objectives that are outlined in the 5-Year State Plan. The Executive Director is appointed by the Governor, at the recommendation of the Council.


 The Council meets six (4) times a year (quarterly).


 Bureau of Statistics and Plans (BSP)


 FY-2021: $274,744


The council receives funding to carry out its mission from the Department of Public Health & Human Services, Administration for Developmental Disabilities under the provisions of the Developmental Disabilities & Bill of Rights Act of 2000 (PL 106-402). The purpose of the Act is to make sure people with developmental disabilities and their families take part in the design of and have access to needed community services, supports and other forms of assistance.


Improving the “Quality of Life” of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and their Families By:

Advocacy – Capacity Building – Systems Change


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