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5 Year State Plan


Developing a 5-Year State Plan

Under the federal Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (PL 106-402) (DD Act), the Council is required to develop a five year strategic State Plan that addresses the most pressing needs of persons with developmental disabilities and their families.  The Plan priorities and goals are based on information obtained through a variety of activities carried out in the Spring of 2006, including public forums, needs surveys, and review of relevant reports and studies.  Persons with developmental disabilities, family members, providers, advocates, government representatives, and interested citizens participated in those activities.

The Council, as stipulated by the DD Act, coordinated activities that encouraged people to provide their views on a wide range of issues affecting people with developmental disabilities and their families in the areas of: Employment, EducationChild Care, Health Care, Transportation, Recreation, Housing, Quality Assurance and Formal/Informal Community Supports.  Based on the needs assessment activities, the Council chose to adopt all nine areas of emphasis to address in the new Five Year State Plan.


What Does The Council Do?

The DD Act guides Council’s actions and authorizes it to engage in capacity building, advocacy, and systems change activities that are designed to bring about a family centered, comprehensive, and coordinated array of services and supports.  Council activities include training and technical assistance, demonstration of innovative programs, outreach, applied research, supporting and educating communities, inter-agency collaboration, barrier elimination, and development of citizen coalitions.  The Council also works to develop public policy recommendations which promote its vision and mission for supporting persons with developmental disabilities.


The State DD Network Partners

The DD Act provides a mandate and guidance to states for planning and collaboration among the DD Councils, protection and advocacy programs, and the Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities.  Staff from Guam Legal Services – Disability Law Center and the University of Guam – Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Services have collaborated with the Council in the State Plan development process.


Areas of Emphasis

The Council conducts activities and funds initiatives in “Areas of Emphasis” as defined within the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000, PL 106-402, October 30, 2000. You can obtain a copy of the Act at here.


Areas of Emphasis include:

  • Quality Assurance – Activities and initiatives that focus on making communities a safe place to live.
  • Education and Early Intervention – Activities and initiatives that support educational and transition opportunities for persons with DD and their families in the community.
  • Child Care-Related – Activities and initiatives that support children and families in school, before-school, after-school and out-of-school in their communities.
  • Health-Related – Activities and initiatives that promote health and wellness in ones community.
  • Employment-Related – Activities and initiatives that support community employment and jobs.
  • Housing-Related – Activities and initiatives that support people living in their community.
  • Transportation-Related – Activities and initiatives that support people having transportation where .and when they want to go in their community.
  • Recreation-Related – Activities and initiatives that support inclusive recreational, leisure and social community events.



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